HR Help Line

With so many employment laws and guidelines to comply with, your clients can now turn to the certified HR professionals who answer the HR Hotline to get instant support and step-by-step guidance for resolving questions and day-to-day employment issues that arise. Hotline features include:

10844 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix AZ 85020
P (602) 943-7500 F (602) 943-7500
•Calls answered by PHR or SPHR certified HR professionals

•Emails answered within 24 hours

•Hours from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST daily, with after-hours voicemail and email available

•National service for clients in all 50 states

•Toll-free phone number and email form for submitting questions on the HR Library website

HR Hotline professionals have practical experience in addressing a broad range of HR and benefits-related issues, from COBRA and FMLA, to hiring, termination and more. What a feeling of confidence and security your clients will have in knowing that professional HR support is just a phone call away!